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Carrie by Stephen King

Carrie is the ultimate tale of revenge by the outcast teenager.  She’s a sixteen year old who is teased and tormented by classmates, her mother is a religious fanatic who forbids her from doing anything fun, and her teachers misunderstand her.  However, Carrie has the last laugh.  On a particular night when she finally has had enough humiliation, she gets the last laugh by unleashing her terrifying secret telekinetic power upon the unsuspecting community.

I am not usually Stephen King fan, or of the horror genre in general, but the gore isn’t over the top.  The plot was gripping, and it is now considered a cult classic.

Another Stephen King book that I would recommend is “Thinner”. Originally written under his Richard Bachman pseudonym, it is a horror thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat.  It is a short book, so I read through it fairly quickly, but it was worth it.  A man is cursed when he accidentally hits a gypsy’s daughter with his car.  With one word. “Thinner”, the gypsy causes him to lose weight very quickly. 

Following his path to become normal again was quite a riveting read. A little on the gory side, but it is very appropriate to the story.  Recommended for King and other horror fans. 

Reviewed by: Angie


Ringworld by Larry Niven

“Hugo and Nebula Award winning writer Larry Niven writes his masterwork Ringworld, set in the ‘Known Space’ universe.  A trillion people live in a giant space craft that is created to simulate a planet, which is about to be destroyed.”  Summary provided by John, director of PPL.

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