This apocalyptic novel takes place when a meteor hits the moon and knocks it out of orbit.  The excitement of Miranda and her classmates changes to horror as they realize that what was supposed to be a viewing for a special homework assignment turns into a life-changing event.  Tsunamis, volcano eruptions, and earthquakes ensue, and the summer turns into a bitter winter.  Every day life becomes a challenge as power goes out, food supplies run low, and disease runs rampant. 

I loved this book. Besides the descriptions of all the disasters that occur, the day to day struggles of this new world is fascinating on a socio-economic level.

This book was named one of the Best Books For Young Adults by the YALSA division of ALA in 2007.  To me, it is easy to see why.  I could not put this book down.

Highly recommended.  Also read the follow-up, The Dead and the Gone.  In April, the third book in the trilogy, This World We Live In, will be released. I cannot wait to get that book in my hands.

Review by: Angie