This Graphic Novel was released in 1997 as a possible future of the DC Comics characters.  Told from the perspective of a pastor who has apocalyptic visions, he is transported by the Spectre to various places that are gearing up for warfare against out of control metahumans that all call themselves “superheroes”.  This is a future in which Superman is in retirement after the death of his wife Lois Lane, and the world is in need of a superman more than ever. This is the ultimate tale of good and evil, and of a possible Armageddon. 

In 1997, this was written as an out of continuity “elseworlds” story, but in the last few years, the world of DC is starting to include some plot points and characters of this miniseries as a result of re-introducing the multiverse.

Alex Ross was the artist of this graphic novel, and so the artistry is amazing.  The characters are very life-like. I highly recommend this book.

I also recommend the sequel, “The Kingdom” also written by Mark Waid. Although not illustrated by Alex Ross, this story is a continuation of the events of Kingdom Come.