This was the final installment in the trilogy by Pfeffer.  This book returns to Miranda’s home nearly a year after the catastrophes resulting from the moon being knocked out of orbit took place.  Her diary records her story of surviving, first with just her brothers and mother, and then when her father and his new family and friends show up.  She falls in love with one of the strangers, and the story takes a romantic turn, with the apocalypse still going on around them.  More surprises occur; with a final, climactic tornado that threatens everything that they have fought for.

I was engrossed from the beginning of this book.  I very rarely finish a book in one sitting (except for graphic novels), but this was an exception.  I got caught up in the gamut of emotions that Miranda felt, and as I got closer to the end of the book, started to dread the end that I thought was going to occur.  I just did not want the book to end.  I had waited so long for this book.

Possible Spoilers:



Although I knew that this book was not going to have a pat happy ending, I did not enjoy the way things wound up.  I felt disappointed; the book, although very well written and gripping otherwise, left me feeling angry.  I felt that Miranda’s actions did not fit the character, and that her previous spirited independence turned into characteristic “I am not anything without him” syndrome.

Disappointing ending to an otherwise great series.  Recommended, but only in order to finish up the series.