This book also came with “Standing Small: A Celebration of Thirty Years of the LEGO Minifigure” by Nevin Martell.   That particular book gave us the history of the different LEGO characters; from generic people about town, to specialized characters, such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

It was interesting to read about the history of LEGOS, both the building blocks, and the company that created it.  There were plenty of photographs of different sets, and it was amazing to me how they had changed over the years.  As I had grown up in a LEGO household, it was a trip down memory lane.  It was also fascinating to see what they are still doing, for babies all the way up to the technically challenging.  Of course what LEGO book would be complete with behind the scenes photographs and info on the Legoland amusement parks?

It’s a very easy to read, fun, engaging book.  Perfect for a summer vacation break.

Reviewed by: Angie