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In Memoriam 2013

As we look back on the year 2013 with fond memories, we also look back with sorrow at those authors who have left us.

In 2013:

  • Tom Clancy
  • Elmore Leonard
  • Richard Matheson
  • Tom Sharpe
  • Jack Vance
  • Roger Ebert
  • Carmine Infantino
  • Bob Clarke
  • Daniel Hoffman
  • Don Payne
  • Anthony Lewis
  • John Henry Merwin
  • W. Watts Biggers
  • Margaret Frazer
  • Stanley Karnow
  • Richard Ben Cramer
  • Sol Yurick
  • T.S. Cook

I am sure that there are some who I may have missed.






Innocence by Dean Koontz


“A definite good versus evil mystery, two very different people are introduced and the reader needs to know their why and their how. You will long for more of their inner thoughts.

The book does not let go. The reader is pulled in at the first page and needs to go on and on.

Koontz’ writing is beautiful words and poetic descriptions. He drags from the reader many emotions–love, fear, inquisitiveness and a yearning to acknowledge beauty.

The unique characters, and they are very fresh in the literary world, are so well-developed. ¬†They will stay with you.”

Review by: JoAnn