shade of the moon

This entry into the Last Survivors Series is No. 4 in what was first promoted as a trilogy. In my honest opinion, (and not related or endorsed in any way by the Library) it should not have progressed past the first book.

I posted previously about This World We Live in, when it was published back in 2010. I was not impressed with it then, and this book keeps going downhill fast.

In book 3, I commented about character changes that were not consistent, and this book is even worse. Jon, the youngest brother of the family written about in book 1, is the voice of book 4; and he was very hard to deal with, in my mind. Selfish, and you couldn’t possibly have much more of an anti-hero.

I get that the dystopian trend is huge right now, and I love reading that particular genre, both pre-and post apocalyptic; but this is a series that I am going to stop visiting.