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The Shade of the Moon by Susan Beth Pfeffer

shade of the moon

This entry into the Last Survivors Series is No. 4 in what was first promoted as a trilogy. In my honest opinion, (and not related or endorsed in any way by the Library) it should not have progressed past the first book.

I posted previously about This World We Live in, when it was published back in 2010. I was not impressed with it then, and this book keeps going downhill fast.

In book 3, I commented about character changes that were not consistent, and this book is even worse. Jon, the youngest brother of the family written about in book 1, is the voice of book 4; and he was very hard to deal with, in my mind. Selfish, and you couldn’t possibly have much more of an anti-hero.

I get that the dystopian trend is huge right now, and I love reading that particular genre, both pre-and post apocalyptic; but this is a series that I am going to stop visiting.


Brightest Day by Geoff Johns

Since I reviewed Blackest Night, I decided that I should be fair and review Brightest Day. 



 This is the story arc that raises a few superheroes from the dead.  But all is not well in Denmark, as they say.  Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Jade, Osiris, and Hawk are resurrected.  Unfortunately, so is Captain Boomerang, Zoom, and Maxwell Lord.

Although they have returned, they must complete certain tasks in order to stay alive.  Aquaman summons dead sea life, and has to find the new “Aqualad” before the “others” do.  Martain Manhunter must kill down the “Martian Forest”, et al.  This graphic novel does not get into if they actually accomplish this, I am assuming that this will be covered in the next volume. 

Deadman has been returned to life as Boston Brand; and is very unhappy about it.  His job is to find the next carrier of the White Light.  There was a funny exchange in which he can’t figure out why he doesn’t feel well, and Hawk tells him that he is hungry.  The White Light tells him to eat a cheeseburger, because that was supposedly Brand’s favorite food before he became Deadman.

 This is not the whole story arc; unfortunately, this is only issues 0-7.  I know that because of the format they can only include so many issues (although I think of the very thick Crisis on Infinite Earths), and  I am now anxiously awaiting Brightest Day Vol. 2.  I am hoping that someday soon, the series will become a little less graphic. There was one scene that was very disturbing to me, so those with sensitive stomachs are forewarned.

Otherwise, a very good read, and good continuation of this story arc.

Posted by: Angie

Life During the Black Death by John M. Dunn

As morbid a topic as this is, I find it fascinating.  Historians say that as many as 30-60% of Europe’s population may have been reduced during this time period. (Wikipedia). This book chronicles not only what happened during the actual plague, but what ordinary life was like before and after.  Theories are discussed as to how the Black Death was brought about, and what people believed back then was the cause. 

This was an interesting glimpse into the 14th century; illustrations are prominent throughout.  Quotes from other historians and observers from that time period are featured.

Although this book is listed as Juvenile/Teen, people interested in natural disasters/history of all ages may find it intriguing.

Review by: Angie